Z&NH #1.

quick description:

30 pages, printed on paper and 160gsm duck egg blue card. interviews with: Football, etc, Fear of DIY. reviews with : Some Skeletons, Dowsing, Papayer, Elk, Rhodes & Moonlit sailor, short stories, show & board game reviews and opinions from good friends. art by: Helen Royds (cover), Adam Hedley & Kate Lloyd.


This is the very first zine I (tommy) ever did. It was originally printed and cut out by the wonderful Charlotte Hancock on the early hours of the 28th of September, despite sleep deprivation, that evening we had some bands to play – One Man Team Dance, Rhodes, O You Broken Eyes and Suffer Like G Did. We gave away 100 zines on the door and reprinted 100 later. I owe a huge thanks to my sister helen for helping me get to grips with indesign. Have a gander below.

Download .pdf.

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