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song: Delta Sleep – Lake Sprinkle Sprankle

Classy math-rawkers Delta Sleep have been knocking heads together for their forthcoming EP Twin Galaxies out on Big Scary Monsters. Continuing down a Colossal-cum-Enemies trajectory, the noodley Canterbury four-piece seem  unafraid to push the boat with erratic new number Lake Sprinkle Sprankle. (the ending at 4:18 is real proof these guys have nailed it)

7″: Sheer Mag – s/t

Sheer Mag have a uniqueness that’s been likened to “Thin Lizzy trying out power-pop”. Getting its European debut on London’s Static Shock Records is last years s/t 7″, four tracks of sassy rock and roll that hisses right until its abrupt end. What fun.

ep: what gives – s/t


Last year, Andy Hendricks from Annabel relocated to Chicago to be with his girlfriend Maja. Ditching Ohio for a fetching apartment south of the city, Andy has since taken a liking to high-end furniture. Fortunately none was damaged at his birthday party – a hungover I had the (mis)fortune of sharing last month (note – don’t try malört, buzzballz & mang-o-ritas together).

In among all the moving, Andy has dropped the drums to have a crack at guitar with what gives, a new band who feature Dowsing ex-crew members Marcus and Delia. Channeling the happy-go-lucky sound of The Anniversary with the rawer edge of bands like The Party of Helicopters (later stuff), this bold debut is a bundle of joy.

ep: Football, etc – Disappear


Football, etc new songs, that is all. Three unheard ones, debuting violins and a beefy rework of old gem hut 3. Expect this out on Count Your Lucky Stars very soon. My favourite band btw.

ep: Algae Bloom – I am still scared of living


Sitting down for long periods is a contributor to poor blood circulation – one of possible reasons why Algae Bloom drum standing up. Interestingly, this isn’t just a UK occurrence – in America bands like Told Slant (where infact these Norwich tetchy duo take their name from) assume similar upright positions.

Your spinal senses may suggest otherwise but this jangley young two-piece are worth the backache. Pick up the limited tape from ‘dem chaps at Wolf Town DIY.

split: Human Hands & Mars To Stay

Keeping strong in the Nordics. Human Hands mark their eighth split release with Rot, a bleak five and half minutes of unsettling twists and turns. Dusting Duster back catalogues on the other reverse are Cardiff’s Mars To Stay, showing fondness for all things slow and atmospheric.

Pick up a copy from strictly no capital letters (UK), Eat a Book (UK), Time as a Color (GER)), Ruined Smile (AUS) and Caleiah (SPA).

3 songs: b00kshelf – Glasgow EP


I’m always curious how during a moment of crisis people see bedroom-pop as the project best placed to convey their feelings. At times it feels contrived, at others it’s the perfect medium. Not at the existential crises stage (just yet) is B00kshelf, the bona-fide workings of Leeds-based Alex Thompson from Manuals.

In little over 12 seconds, distant opener Leaky Buckets sets itself down a lonely trajectory. Murmuring vocals wander over almost sobbing guitars, while eeire keys in Tired Feet play intermittently to a whirlwind you want to be swept up in.

song: Spoilers – It’s A Lie I Told Myself

Spoilers are a noisy London four-piece made up from ex-members of Ice Sea Dead People, Great Cop & Grass Giraffes. Co-released on the band’s own Vibe/Anti-Vibe label, new single It’s A Lie I Told Myself takes you on a spin to downtown garage-punk, stopping off for bites to eat at Fugazi and Harlem’s digs respectively.

ep: Egle – s/t

Humble Italia, birthplace of fine foods (sorry Paris), Futurism and the definition of emo. To touch on that last point – here’s a tuneful indiemo band called Egle from Milano. I tell a lie because the guitarist lives in London, I had several pints with him and he now prefers chips. That potato line was also bit of a fib, enjoy the twinkles.

ep: The Correct Arc – Founded on Instinct


Weaving together the oddly-timed melodies of Charlottefield (this retired band deserve more attention) with the sound of several house favourites on Dischord, The Correct Arc‘s post-punk grooves are a real head-turner – though when your other bands are just as inventive (Nitkowski, Theo & Action and Action), you don’t need to look far for inspiration.