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song: All People – Conversations


On my journey to The Fest last Autumn, I stopped by the Community Record Block Party at Carver Theater in New Orleans. By any stretch – not your usual all-day event set-up: twenty-five bands playing separate sides of the same stage in a huge auditorium, with no time for stopping – each took it in turns to set-up while the other was playing, and so-on. If it weren’t for the plentiful nacho energy resource we’d have passed out from exhaustion.

Joining New Orleans locals Donovan Wolfington and Caddywhompus, were hometown fusion All People –  a four-piece playing punk-rock over the top of ghostly casio keyboards. Yes it works, and very well at that. Epic number Conversations is taken from their new LP Forget Repeat, due out May 5th via Community Records and Asian Man Records.

video: Wild Moth – Mirror


Wild Moth trumped themselves in 2013’s with Over, Again, releasing what could be considered one of the best post-punk albums of that year. The Bay Area four-piece have an enviable trait – they amalgamate a hundred different sounds  pretty much with their eyes closed.

Anyone impressed with the old won’t be disappointed with Mirror, a song taken from their new full-length, Inhibitor, out on Iron Pier in the summer. Possessing all the post-punk temper of the former album with extra shoegaze bite, this is set to be the perfect sunshine hit.

album: Fred Thomas – All Our Saved


This is Fred Thomas‘ ninth release – few can say they’ve made it that far, nor wanted to. It was the 2000’s in Michigan when Fred started getting serious with his band Saturday Looks Good to Me, and eight years later when they sort of split up and then got back together again. As most do, Fred carried on with the music thing, experimenting more, living a little dangerously – which, I guess is kind of how best to describe the tracks on All Our Saved, sincere, uplifting indie – a mishmash of peculiarity over verbal poetry.

All Are Saved is out now via Polyvinyl Records.

video: King of Cats – Incorrect

A bit of tinfoil, some inflatable planets and rubber gloves – what do you get? A feature length video! Incorrect features on the second album Microwave Oven by Brighton wonder King of Cats, out via supreme business consortium Art Reeks on June the 20th.

Vested Interest: Record Store Yay


We don’t nearly shout enough about Vested Interest events that we host with our pals Barely Regal Record, given this one is a little special, we thought a-hey.

Whatever your stance on it: the delays, the endless reissues, the often disappointment – Record Store Day is a good way to reinstate peoples love with music. It has in my experiences played host to a number of great all-day banding events – I have fond memories of running about London in 2011 to catch Tallships and Teej at Notting Hill Arts Club, then onto 93 Feet East and back again. While I won’t be spending nearly as much on the underground this year, I will, however, be enjoying myself at – Record Store Yay – an all-day affair dedicated to watching bands, buying records, reading zines, dancing and speed-eating leftover chocolate eggs.

The bands:

OLYMPIANS (London/Norwich)* – 9:25pm
Power-pop trio from London via Norwich, celebrating the release of their new EP Dance Like Everybody’s Watching And They Hate You.

COUSIN (Brighton)* – 8:40pm
Groovy instrumental post-hardcore done in the style of Enablers (minus the vox). Returning from a trip round Europe with Flash Bang Band, Cousin will have copies of their new EP Music To Polish Your Rifle To at the show.

CLAW THE THIN ICE (Manchester)* – 7:55pm
Fusing together the big punch of Superchunk with Hum – Claw The Thin Ice are making the trip down to play songs of their newest LP Exercise.

FLASH BANG BAND (Brighton) – 7:10pm
Fresh from finishing their European tour with Cousin, it’s time to get excited about Flash Bang Band. The vocals have that nice 00’s UK post-hardcore twang to them, and the music – discordant and weird. A trifle of wonderfulness.

BEAT EASTON (Southampton) – 6:25pm
Once four, now three. Beat Easton frequently get referred to a modern take on Death Cab For Cutie. Touring the UK with Swedish pals I Love Your Lifestyle, the band create subtle, meandering indie-rock that’s totally glorious to listen to. Big Smoke is a new song taken from a release that might happen sometime.

I LOVE YOUR LIFESTYLE (Sweden) – 5:40pm
So glad to have Sweden noodlers I Love your Lifestyle to join the party. On tour with Beat Easton, expect more hooks than metres you can throw a frisbee.

PET CEMETERY (London) – 5:00pm
Sam from Playlounge is a billion other bands, well 3 to be exact. There’s Nudes and then there’s Pet Cemetery. Joined by a backing band of close friends, expect a mixed affair of happy-go-lucky pop rock.

THEO (London)* – 4:20pm
Sam Knight – known to many in a musical capacity as Theo, will be playing his one man looping drums and guitar show in support of his latest LP Loom.

JAPAN REVIEW (London) – 3:45pm
Kicking things off is ambient, fuzzy guitar new kid on the black, Japan Review.

(Those marked with a * all have records on Barely Regal Records).

Here are the many stalls, distros, labels and zines down on the day:

Art is Hard Records
Barely Regal Records
Distrosaurus Rex (last ever time!)
Games We Have Known And Loved
Good Post Day Records
Mudville Zine
Odd Box Records
Unwork Records
Zine & Not Heard giveaway bonanza

RSVP here.

song: Quadrilles – Isotopes

The luring Walter White inspired artwork drawn by Olympians‘s drummer Parkin, illustrates the feeling one may get ingesting the math-pop contamination that is Quadrilles. The London quartet are set to release their new album Isotopes on Lonely Voyage later this month, 6-songs of weird-time-signature-adhering-to not-much-around-similar-at-the-moment-rock. I’d post the remainder if I could as I really want to show you how great track 2, March of The Clowns is.

7″: Nevasca – s/t


Bands who release long albums of matching songs should learn from Nevasca, two is the perfect amount. Residing from Murmansk in Russia, the four-piece build on the foundations of the Deep Elm back catalogue, taking them a step higher with joyful vocals and efficacious build-ups that seem long lost in many of their peers by comparison. Only when you reach the end of churner Hopscotch do you think, perhaps, a few more would have been nice after all.

Available from: Strictly No Capital Letters (UK) / Miss The Stars (GE),  TRVS Records (RU)  / Ruined Smile (AU)  / Samegrey Records (UA)  / Dingleberry (DE)  / Voices Of The Unheard (FR) / Tadzio Records (DE)

cassette: Static Palm – s/t


The cut-and-past artwork on the front of the debut release by London synth operation, Static Palm gives little away. The band, made up of members from Sealings, Boneyards and Claw Marks conjure up sun-stroked lo-fi weirdness attune to the likes of early Cold Cave or John Maus. Worst is a particular favourite.

compilation: Nervous Intent Records – Frequency Of The Truewave

Berkley sound-makers Street Eaters have extensively toured Europe and their home-country USA, sharing the stage with a multitude of truewave punksters. What better reason then to release a tape of ongoing, active bands you’ve played with? Sticking to this Frequency Of The Truewave, out on their label Nervous Intent Records is a 19-track compilation keeping to the belief that “melody should be a secret weapon, not a pacifier,” with contributions from Parisian superstars Bitpart, Berlin’s Dead Tired, Portland’s Arctic Flowers, alongside UK bands Actual Crimes and Martha.

ep: Bayoné – Honeycomb


The last time Bayoné came up here was all the way back in 2012. As you can probably imagine the Sheffield duo have come along way since then, dropping noodle freakouts for simplicity and deeper, brooding vocals. Cameos from Josh Leary of Healing Powers and Cady‘s Loz Clark too help in making this 7″ on Don’t Shoot the Messenger Records their most accomplished effort to date.