The Great Firewall 防火长城

Ni hao! This blog has taken the back burner, apologies to anyone that has contacted me and received no response. I have two things to blame: ExpressVPN for one, and secondly, of course this hugely censored internet (WordPress is blocked yo). If you hadn’t guessed already, I’ve taken a wee break from London, the internet and gigs gigs gigs, leaving one smog capital and onto the next, Beijing. I’ll be back in July.

Keep sending stuff through, i’m still sifting –


Beixinqiao, or restaurant road is the place to get some tasty food.


China2Obligatory cool looking door.


China3“Your dungeon is full of yoghurt” / Daily medicine, praise to 枣


China4Fried jiaozi, next to a less-so tasty xiaochi.


China6Smog free days, they’re a rarity.

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