tape: Guppy – “We Grow Small, We Grow Stupid”


It’s good to keep tabs on people like Dan Riehl – now, some may be familiar with his drumming in The Reptilian (who toured the UK with Empire! Empire! back in 2012) but Dan is also a great purveyor of music promotion in his hometown Kalamazoo, MI – helping out-of-town bands with a place to play and rest their heads once the sweat has dried up.

Adding to that, there’s his new band Guppy – a four-piece comprising members of Seventeen Again, Anybody But The Cops and Shoto that relishes in the wailing, inexhaustible sound of bands like Dinosaur Jr – a thumbs up for any Exploding in Sound Records fans. Stream their EP “We Grow Small, We Grow Stupid”  below and pick it up on gold-tape from Skeletal Lightning.

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