Dream Big (New UK Indie, Punk & Emo): Summer 2014

dreambig1. ANKLES

Making a very unexpected return are Hartlepool-Sheffield-Middlesbrough 3-piece Ankles. (You can class this is as new!) Last time I caught these play was 2009 at The Stockroom (RIP) with Instruments (Make Music) and Dartz! (still got that weird alien poster in my room). The clever distinction about this lot is the absence of any guitar, instead the band rely on crafty interplay between two basses and a drum kit. The end result is a real eyebrow raiser.


A slowly paced slacker June of 44-esque project here from Manchester musician Daniel Read. If you’re in the mood for some body reclination you’ve found your piece. If you hate drumkits, check out Daniel’s other solo work Wet Blanket.


Manuals are a two-piece from Leeds making noisy punk in the vein of Tiny Hawks and Innards. Lots of distortion and cymbal hits-a-plently make this a engaging listen. Pick up this piece of hot property on tape from Get Into It Recs.

4. Personal Best

Personal Best are a new Newport/Bristol import/export made up from Katie of Bedford Falls, Tom from Attack! Vipers! and Caves life member Lou. A friend said that he could not begin to fathom the consequences for the Bristol music scene if the latter stopped making music. You can see why – Personal Best are catchy as anything, and have Superchunk written all over them.

5. The New Tusk


The New Tusk are a Brighton three-piece who draw influences from the Asian Man Records roster. Outsiders may be quick to sort these into the anthemic rock filing cabinet if the vocals are anything to go by, but be quick to judge and miss out on the nifty drum-fills and quirky basslines that separate this from the pack. The bands new 7″ Mine To Breath is out now on Footloose Records.


christ reflection
There’s certain months of the year where Stratford-Upon-Avon has a quite patch, partly because Human Hands aren’t together as one. In guitarist Clyde absence (he lives and works in Iceland), bassist Chaz and drummer Rob delve into a different realm of experimentation – an absorption into the world of Comets on Fire-like solos and never ending psychedelic rhythm sections. The name is Christ Reflection. Hold onto your trousers.


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