review: Donovan Wolfington – Stop Breathing

There’s nothing like the smell of spring and the release of a full length. I’ve probably said somewhere in past reviews how I LOVE a good full length, and ta da! Donovan Wolfington have got one coming your way in the name of Stop Breathing.

Donovan Wolfington is made up of five good looking members by the names of Neil, Matt, Christian, Savannah and Chris, who have got this being a band thing locked down. The New Orleans band are an emo/punk band with a Southern twist and according to the internet, only have this album released to date. They truly have been a magnificent find and one I’ll be keeping my eye on.


Kicking off with Die Alone, a one minute and forty-nine second song of pure emo shoutyness (I reckon this is a word) and guitars kicking off. I dare you to listen to this without raising a fist. Second song Coca-Cola (not a Pity Sex cover) starts out like a country/folk piece akin to Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros until about 1:30 minute where it turns into some freak folk trash piece. The eighth track, Hell, reminds me of Joyce Manor in only a complimentary way, without the need in saying “Well aren’t they a rip?”. The mix of vocals on this release compliment each other perfectly. Whether it be screaming, soft and gentle or even that country sound, they all work together to create a sound I can’t stop listening to.

Since the bandcamp has run out of free downloads (and you don’t want to pay the $1), you can get Stop Breathing for free on Community Records, who are co-releasing physical copies with Broken World Media; And according to the bandcamp, preorders will get all kinds of neat things a long with it. Pre-order here or especially here for a variety of packages.

For fans of: Joyce Manor, Pity Sex, Brave Bird

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