New UK Indie/Emo – Spring 2013

I really wasn’t expecting to do another one of these round-ups so soon. January’s probably one of those months where people don’t go outside, and/or maybe recording is cheaper. Without further ado, here’s some new bands/people from around the UK doing some wonderful things. Why not arrange a gig for them?

1) WADE (Newcastle)


Wade is the new band made up on members from Sunday League. Continuing with the noodley guitar clean-out (as was evident in later SL material) Wade’s new song Hail, Cunningham is a short whizz of fuzzy dated punk with emo topped vocals. Good-o.



The coolest thing about this band is that they met through the UK Emo group on facebook (if you haven’t joined, get on it). Hailing from the reaches of Gravesend in Kent, Better Weather take bits from bands like Joie De Vivre (the trumpets) and Everyone Everywhere (the ‘i-dont-care’ guitar) to produce a quirky take on the ‘midwest emo’ sound. As much as I tried to avoid any crocodile themed persuasions, I couldn’t resist, so make sure snap these up. (cover art by Lew Currie)

3) COURTYARD (London)


No pigeonholing here. Courtyard are a slow emo 3-piece from the London area and this is demo number 1. First song has trumpets in again (brass is in for 2k13). Second song has some off-key singing that leads into a screaming ruff and tumble. Last one sounds like a B-side of some obscure band from 1994. (oh and it features Kai from Ten Speed Bicycle) They remind me slightly off Edaline (there you go!)

4) TROPICARTEL (Northampton)


2/3 of these chaps used to play in the very short-lived band Zola. After university the band broke-up, some stayed in Northampton and others moved home. One guitarist is still writing music (you can hear a song here call Bacon), while the drummer and other guitarist formed this band Tropicartel. Their newest of new EP Lemonwater plods along like a pretty Pele or a less toothy Castevet. Popcorn Paradise is a favourite.



Oh Poor Watcher (Nicole Palfey) is the girlfriend of York musician Lake Michigan/Sorry Eyes (Chris Marks), who lent a hand in recording of this dreamy number. It’s haunting and sparse, aided by a buzzing lo-fi recording (something Chris seems to have a bit of a knack with). For fans of Grouper and the blessed rain.

6) GONE WISHING (Dundee)


Gone Wishing is the musical meanderings of Owen Mclaughlin (Bonehouse/The Won Over). Taking his clever licks and flicks from other projects, this is prime for Owen or Victor Villareal fans, available soon on a 6 track tape courtesy of Wolf Town DIY.

cover photo: Andrew Northrop/Common Plagues


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